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Dental Cavities Under Crowns

Dental Cavities Under Crowns

Dental Cavities Under Crowns According to published estimates from studies such as the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017, oral diseases affect about 3.5 billion people worldwide, with dental caries being one of the most frequent diseases. In turn, this is also affirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), considering it as one of the […]

Dental Cavities in Toddlers

dental cavities in toddlers

Table of Content Why is it Important to Save Baby Teeth Causes of tooth cavities in toddlers Signs of Childhood Tooth Cavities Methods of Prevention Treatment Options Contact Us Dental Cavities in Toddlers As a parent, you are always considerate about the health and well-being of your kid. So taking care of your toddler’s teeth […]

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